WordPress.com vs SquareSpace: A Quick Review

Every now and then you may hear someone ask “What’s the difference between WordPress.com vs SquareSpace? SquareSpace is a website creation tool

Every now and then you may hear someone ask “What’s the difference between WordPress.com vs SquareSpace?

WordPress.com vs SquareSpace

Most people are aware of WordPress.com, but not all are familiar with SquareSpace. This article quickly reviews the differences between each platform.

SquareSpace is a website creation tool for small businesses, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs. With SquareSpace you can create an attractive website, blog or online store in minutes without the need to know how to code.

What do you choose when you want to easily create a professional looking website well you go and use a website builder and the two of the big ones are wordpress.com and SquareSpace.

Hey I'm Gaurav Chaudhary From Guidesure and today let's find out which of these providers are the best for your new website.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

First i hope you know that wordpress.org and wordpress.com are completely different things.

WordPress.org is a self-managed system where you have to buy hosting and do everything manually.

WordPress.com is a service that provides hosting and all you need to run a business website.


The cheapest plan for WordPress.com goes for 4$ Per Month, while the cheapest plan on SquareSpace is 12$ a month.

Now a three-time price increase is a lot as long as you don't think of what you get for it.

To get the same features you get with the 12$ plan on SquareSpace you'll have to go for a 33$ a month business plan on WordPress.

The good thing is that there are no renewal prices what you pay the first time is what you pay for the rest of your hosting.

WordPress also has a free plan that you can use and publish a website.

SquareSpace only has a 14 day trial and you can't publish a site without upgrading.

So what we learn is that WordPress is cheaper to get started with but SquareSpace gives a bit more for your buck.


These two work slightly differently WordPress.com is a very expensive system But it's mostly a web management system.

You pick a theme out of thousands and you customize it and its content to suit your needs you can add website builders like elementor and beaver builder as plugin.

But for most users it's going to just pick a theme and don't even bother to customize small details.

SquareSpace is a more straight forward website building experience you pick a template drag and drop elements customize the text and publish it.

While you can't place elements anywhere you want i found SquareSpace builder to be really enjoyable it's easy to use and has lots of elements.

WordPress has a lot more of everything elements features themes you know but most of these are achieved through plugins and they are restricted under an expensive plan.

SquareSpace has fewer templates compared to wordpress but most of them are better optimized and look modern.

For wordpress the four dollars a month plan gives you three gigabytes of storage space.

SquareSpace gives you unlimited storage Space right from the get-go.

Both providers aren't limiting your bandwidth.

You might think that WordPress is the best option for more control over your site.

But in my opinion most of the useful features are locked behind really expensive plans to install and use plugins.

You need to get the plan for 25 a month want to remove the ads that say this website was created with WordPress well be ready to spend 25 a month.

SquareSpace is very business oriented giving you a complete experience from the get-go.

So i would recommend SquareSpace for business websites.

WordPress.com is for blogs personal projects or experimental websites.


First of all i wanted to test how stable these services are so i used a tool to monitor them in the end well anti-climatically.

Both providers had 100 uptime Gt Metrix helped me with speed testing.

My WordPress website was a bit faster it fully loaded in 1.8 seconds, While the SquareSpace site took 2.2 seconds to load.

Since we're talking about the full website these load times are great and the difference of 0.4 seconds won't be felt by real users.


WordPress.com is a much more versatile system than SquareSpace, it lets you add tons of themes plugins and extra features to your website.

But if you don't like tinkering around with small details SquareSpace can offer a much more streamlined and friendly experience.

Price wise both offer similar features for a very similar price though.

WordPress is a bit cheaper to get started with so what do you think about WordPress vs SquareSpace? 

Let's have a chat in the comments this has been chase.

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