#5 Best Tips For grooming and personality development

When it comes to grooming and personality development it doesn't mean we'll have to go expensive salons and or wear branded & expensive clothes.

When it comes to grooming and personality development it doesn't mean we'll have to go expensive salons and or wear branded & expensive clothes.

Grooming is an art of self representation.

Hey Guy's I'm Gaurav Chaudhary and here in this article I'm going to tell you that #5 Best Tips For grooming and personality development that will change your life.


Hair should be clean and you always should wash your hair on alternate days, proper condition and also if you have dandruff problem you shoud treat it

Hair shouldn't be oily nor dry there should be a balance between Oily & Dry.

Always apply oil before bathing but there are some men who want a wet look, I'll suggest that you only apply it on the edges of hair oil shouldn't touch the root because at sweating time oil comes on our face along with sweat

You should always get a hair cut in 14-17 Days.

We've seen sometimes people groom everything except their hair and just because of that they ruin their personality completely.

2. Lips

We should always care about our lips.

Suppose we're talking to someone and suddenly we notice that their lips is dry & Cracked that look disgusting.

You should apply a lip balm or Vaseline jelly on a daily basis.

Also drink enough water & stay hydrated this is also one of the reason of lips dryness.

When we've lips problem other people obviously judge's us but also we're not comfortable we keep thinking about what other people will think by looking at it.

3. Smell

Next thing is you have to smell good. 

Suppose you're a perfect looking guy but your body smells bad because of sweating then obviously people will avoid you no matter how good looking you are And smelling good doesn't mean you start using room fresheners.

Buy a good deodorant & perfume and even the right perfume doesn't matter until you use it in the right amount, because if you smell too strong people will start irritating and they'll avoid you.

You should only use 2-3 spray and you're good to go

4. Skin Care

The only thing men know about skin care is face wash and even that one thing they don't know when to do it.

Skin shoud be clean and moisturized you should atleast wash your face twice a day.

Also you should protect your skin from sun tanning by applying Sunscreen on your skin no matter you're male or female.

And talking about face first thing we should care about the most is Under eye area by take care of Under Eye because if you've dark circles it doesn't matter how glowing your skin is because no-one gonna look at that.

** Whatever product you apply on your face you should definitely apply on your ears and neck too because if you don't that'll look different from your face and that's awkward.

5. Accessories

Accessories are the only thing that can boost your look up to 40-50% .

You always wear some accessories and try to use them on a minimum scale because If you do so that'll also ruin your whole dressing.

You don't have to wear all accessories you have just wear a classy watch and a pendant and you're good to go. 

For more detailed information on Men's accessories click here

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