Apps You should never install on your smartphone

1. Cleaning apps
Cleaning apps like CCleaner, Clean Master is enemy of your smartphones they don't just clean your cache/ junk files they also keep running in the background it drains battery and consumes so much processing power
And that makes your smartphone Slow

2. Third-party app store
Third-party app stores are being used so much nowadays because you can find even those apps there that you're not able to find on play store if play store has blocked some application there's must be the reason for that
Maybe that app is spying on you or leaking your data so play store take cares of these things but third party app stores don't they just allow all the application out there so don't be a fool and use only PLAY STORE if you need some other application that you know is safe but not available on play store download it through the web browser

3. Modded apps
These days modded apps are trending so much because everyone wants premium features but don't want to pay a single rupees let me remind you if they can modify to run without license key they also can modify that app to spy on you or leak your data have you ever thought they're not taking a single rupees from us and they're providing a premium application for free from where they're earning

4. Launcher ( Personalization )
Many people don't likes their default launcher they just wanna customize it by Any Third Party Launcher but do you know that it consumes so much processing power and makes your phone working slow compared to the default launcher

5. Weather / News app
I've noticed even my father was using these apps I can't understand why people still need it I am not saying that these apps aren't good for your smartphone but you can do all these things even from Google Assistant or Google
Just hit Weather on Google and you'll get your results