[Fixed] Valuable inventory Scraped content!

You probably would have seen an error Valuable inventory: Scraped content, when applying for Google AdSense

What is Valuable Inventory: Scrapped Content Error?

Well this error pop ups in probably #2 Cases

  1. Coppied Content
  2. Copyrighted Images

How Can You Fix Coppied Content?

There are two options available you can fix this,
In First Option You Can delete all the coppied content, Wait a moment! What about losing the traffic? 
Here's a solution You Can Redirect that URL to any related article on your site.

 In Second Option You can  rewrite The articles that are affected from Scrapped Content.
You can rewrite manually by yourself if you've enough time, 
Also You can rewrite all the articles using any only Article Rewriter Tool.
My Personal Recommendation is QuillBot
And You can check manually after Rewriting Using Tool

How You can fix Copyrighted Images Issue?

You can give credits with proper attributes to the original author
At bottom of page you've used images
Also You Can Replace Those Images With Royalty Free Images 

  • In this article I've taught how you can fix an error of Valuable inventory: Scraped content.
  • Rewrite Article Using Online Rewriter Tools.
  • Apply Again After Fixing An Error.