Best Sensitivity Settings For Zero Recoil in PUBG Mobile | All Sensitivity Settings Explained

HOW TO CHOOSE BEST SENSITIVITY SETTING FOR PUBG MOBILE FOR ZERO RECOIL! Now, its time to choose a perfect sensitivity for your Pubg mobile.

Now you have to select the ideal sensitivity for PUBG MOBILE.

However, before selecting the ideal sensitivity Pubg Mobile, How sensitivity works you must understand exactly.

Almost anyone who is a competitive Player or Pubg Mobile streamer uses gyroscope such as Coffin, Scout, Tsm Entity Jonathan, Fnatic Franky RRQ D2E, and XQF PARABOY

As we are all aware, Pubg Mobile has four kinds of sensitivity.

Free Look Camera Sensitivity
Camera Sensitivity
ADS Sensitivity
Gyroscope Sensitivity

Now, let’s talk deeply about all


Basically, the sensitivity of the Free Look Camera is used in the 360 ° zone without the movement of players.
It can be used by using the button on the eye.

This sensitivity is ultimately not important for improving your gaming.


When you change your aim without firing, camera sensitivity is used.

Example: When you swipe on 4x and how much the scope moves depends on sensitivity if you set a high amount such as 100 or higher, and then you won't be able to adjust your targets to your enemy.

The sensitivity of the camera should be less than 110.

Aim Down Sensitivity

Basically, when a gun being fired, ADS sensitivity is used. Because it sounds Aim Down Sensitivity, when you fire your guns you'll have Recoil and your weapon will continue to go up to regulate the recoil
You can control it by just dragging it down on your screen.

The ADS Sensitivity still has some limitations.


You Can Easily Control recoil by simply tilting your device downward. Gyroscope is totally optional but it will boost your gameplay by 10 times at least.

You will probably become a pro player with gyroscope sensitivity. When you're in charge

Nearly every player is doing nice sprays half 6x. And your 6x sensitivity doesn't have to be increased. Due to the same sensitivity of 3x and half 6x.

You can use the following ideal sensitivity for gyroscopes.

You will find your own ideal sensitivity in the training room if you are not happy with the given. And read our article about the latest KD program for Pubg Mobiles.


  • If you Masters Gyroscope and Customize Settings according to your need
  • Then, you'll be the beast in long-range sprays
  • Always Keep your camera sensitivity less than 110 it will help with your close-range aim lock
  • Always convert 6x to 3x for stability 

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