Top 5 Real Ways to earn 10,000 Per Day Easily

These are actually real strategies in real ways and in today's Blog Post I'm going to tell you exactly Top 5 Real Ways to Earn 10000 Per Day.
Hey There I'm Gaurav Chaudhary and in today's Blog Post I'm going to tell you exactly Top 5 Real Ways to Earn 10000 Per Day.
Top 5 Real Ways to earn 10000 Per Day Easily
These are actually real strategies in real ways four of which I personally have used to make this money, and another was a service I personally paid for.

I hope that that will give you an idea of what the industries are like what kind of work you can do to make a good amount of income in just a day
  1. Content Strategy
  2. Coaching & Consulting
  3. Branding Expert
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Digital Products

Content Strategy

Content Strategy
Now, what exactly is content strategy?
in the content strategy, you create someone's or some businesses, or some individuals entire content plan usually for a month, and present it to them.

Okay so what the person does is they hire you to create that strategy and that's it um once you've delivered the strategy your job is done.

This is one of the services I personally offer in my done-for-you services and I know that majority of people who offer content strategy charge at least 5000 for their efforts even if they are working with Indian clients and much more than that of course if you're working with international clients.

So in the content strategy, you get to know what exactly your client does

For example let's say they are a coach so the first thing that you'll have to think about is if they are a coach let's say they are a relationship coach, what is the kind of content they can post on their social media.

What are the social media platforms where their ideal audience will be at for example if they are a relationship coach for people who are newly married or very young they'll probably find their audience on Instagram very easily.

All right Linkedin may not be the platform for a relationship coach at the same time for a career coach Linkedin will be a go-to platform.

Okay so first you will decide what are the platforms they'll post on social media and other digital media platforms or combined then you'll make a step-by-step plan a proper calendar on what kind of post should be made on what kind of day based on your strategy.

All right so when I make my strategy I like to make three types of pillars of content

1. Which is attracting
So this kind of content usually goes viral for me or my clients and brings more followers 

2. Nurturing
In This I share personal things about me give more information about the industry this kind of content doesn't go viral But it does nurture the audience that comes with the attractive kind of post

3. The Money Magnet 
kind of post which is basically offered right we pitch our offers in those posts we talk about what we do and how we can serve them.

Basically, that's what brings in the cash flow so all my strategies for myself my clients are a mix of these three types of posts.

If you can make a content strategy for someone on average it should take you eight to twelve hours and for content strategy.

You can easily charge ten thousand if you're good at creating content strategies that actually work Because just for ten thousand they'll get a content strategy has done for them that's gonna make them a lot more money so yeah content strategy will be my first recommendation.

And I hope that I have been able to give you a clear indication of what content strategy actually is what you do as a content strategist.

Usually, content strategy is offered by marketeers and content marketers, and other types of content creators as well um but it's best to offer content strategy services if you're in content marketing.

2. Coaching/Consulting

Top 5 Real Ways to earn 10,000 Per Day Easily
The next type of work you can do to earn 10,000 per day is coaching or consulting.

Now consulting is usually done on an hourly basis and if you're charging about three to five thousand an hour.

You may have to do two or three hours of work to make this kind of money but in coaching, it's usually done in packages.

And the packages are like 12-month packages and each call is actually priced much higher because unlike consulting, where you solve specific problems over just one call.

In coaching you take the person who has often opted in for your coaching sessions through a journey over four weeks or 12 weeks or 24 weeks depends entirely on what your coaching package is.

you can't be a coach until you are really really experienced though honestly now in consulting.

you can offer different types of consulting maybe you're really good at marketing.

you can consult people on that maybe you've got a certain type of job that you can help other people's people get maybe you have like I know these people who help with like 

how to move abroad and all okay I don't know what exactly these people are called but there are consultants, who do that as well.

there are financial consultants in some types of consultancies.

you do need to have a degree or at least a diploma because certifications are necessary.

But in the industry that I work in no the only thing that matters because I'm in marketing is that whether I have been able to generate myself and my client's revenue through my marketing strategies.

thankfully I have so that works well for me so if you're really good at something.

If you have gotten certain results with something you can start consulting people.

on the same and yes consulting charges are between three to five thousand rupees even in India.

I used to have this idea that since I am based in India people won't pay me for my mentorship services but at this point my mentorship and consulting cost 7.5 k even in India.

This is absolutely at per with my international level and I still keep getting clients.

I just want to say that you need to be valuable and the price usually becomes like a trivial matter.

If people want something they'll get it no matter what.

the price point is now the next option that you can have for Top 5 Real Ways to Earn 10000 Per Day. is become a branding expert now

3. Branding Expert

Branding Expert
What does a branding expert do they help brands and individuals do? 

Their branding is basically how does a person looks online what is their presence like.

I'll add my branding sheet here my brand designer she did a great job with this.

But usually, brand designers will ask you a lot of things about you and your brand and present you with a sheet you can customize your order as well.

Because for me I also ordered some templates so that took me more time however you usually deliver the fonts that you are the brand is going to go the best with the colors that they should use to match with the person's vibe um and also like these sub marks and these logos.

And overall you can easily charge at least 10000 for a package like this you do need to do a lot of time in research and experimentation to find out the right combinations.

Because that's exactly what you get paid for but once you gain experience you actually become pretty good at this.

You can take a lot of inspiration from canva's color combinations and font combinations canva also has a design lesson kind of a thing absolutely free for everyone.

This is one thing that i ask everyone to do and i will not keep that knowledge guarded

I highly recommend you also check out canva's free resources on learning design and branding and if you're capable of helping someone out with their branding, they'll happily pay you at least 10,000 for the basics that you'll do.

The worst part or the hardest part is the logo design part but definitely you can learn how to do logo designing either using something like Adobe Illustrator or Procreate.

4. Email Marketing

Email Marketing
The next thing from the top 5 real ways to Earn 10,000 per day easily would be Email marketing now for email marketing usually you can easily charge at least 1000 rupees per email you write okay.

These are like 300-400 word emails if your emails are longer you can charge more than that.

Usually, when I do email marketing for an email sequence of five emails I charge at least 15,000 rupees or if it's in dollars at least 250 dollars.

Now it depends from country to country and person to person and expertise to expertise and also project to project.

But these are like very standard rates that I charge and people are happy to pay it.

Usually when I am doing email marketing and I have to write five emails I write them in one day because I'm in flow and yes that makes the job easier for me.

Since I'm charging 15,000 minimum for that I made 15,000 in a day technically. I do not prefer working on only email marketing campaigns for my clients but you can be a different person.

I just feel that when I'm managing all these avenues of marketing I can create better results but then sometimes clients just want very specific things.

And yes email marketing is definitely one way to make a good amount of money in one day provided your copywriting skill is in place.

If you want to work on your copywriting skill that is the skill of making people actually buy from you or your clients using the words.

If you want to make money with copywriting and that is basically the skill that you'll be using to get your clients money by writing good emails by writing using the right words inside your emails then make sure that you check out my Hindi Blog.

5. Digital Product

Digital Product
The last recommendation that i have for you is to create a digital product.

Now, what is a digital product it can be anything starting from templates checklists guides to absolute proper courses.

If you've made a template pack maybe it's a canva design template pack or it's a lot of done for you templates for email writing or social media post caption prompts.

Okay maybe you've created all these templates and guides and prompts etc and you've priced it at 500-2,000 rupees.

Which is a general rate of most templates um i'm taking a thousand as an example you'll need to sell about 10 of these in a day so that you can make 10,000 in a day.

All right now for this either you'll need a lot of followers or you'll have to run ads whichever is more convenient a lot of my friends actually use digital products.

There's a lot of people i know who actively promote their courses on a day-to-day basis and they make huge profits.

Because once the templates and courses and digital products are created you don't have to give out your energy anymore right.

Unlike any other option that i talked about you have to work on a one-on-one but in all the other options once the sale is done the product is already created so people can just grab it all right.

I would recommend starting off with templates because course creation also requires a lot of money investment and also a huge time investment compared to templates and all.

So yes templates is definitely one way that you can start and yes those will be the five ideas i wanted to share with you so that you can make 10,000 rupees or more in a day.

I hope that this helped you and if it has let me know in the comment section below which of these five ideas are you the most excited to try out.

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