How To Add Multiple Authors In Blogger?

Thinking About Starting a blog in Partnership or want the help of your friend or Someone else to write an article for you
here's the solution you can add multiple authors in blogger and give access to write edit and delete
in this article, I'll teach you how you can do that

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  • You can ask any friend for help in writing or editing an article for you
  • you can save a lot time by sharing work by adding another author
  • if you do some mistakes he can fix that
  • if you're busy with some work your partner still can post regularly

let's go and see how you can add multiple authors in blogger
How to add multiple authors in blogger

  1. Login in Blogger Dashboard
  2. Goto Settings/ Basic/ 
  3. Find the Permission
  4. Click on add authors
  5. Type the email of your new author
  6. Click on Invite author
After That google will make sure that guy is ready to be your author by sending him a verification link
as soon he gets verified you guys can share your work