Average salary of software developers in 2020 in top IT companies

Average salary of software developers in 2020 in top IT companies

Ever wondered how high would your salary be if you'd work in any Other MNC company, especially the big Indian MNC of your dream as a software developer / programmer?

In order to find out what is the average salary paid to a professional who work as a programmer in Indian top IT companies through the rating and review portal of Job Buzz, we investigated. Surprisingly, with the same profile each organization has specific compensation standards. Here is the list: Of The following MNC'S

Tata Consultancy Service

Annual salary ranging from Rs 2.83,856 to Rs 8,72,128 offers to Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) its programmers. The TCS software developer's average salary is Rs. 5,08,304 / yr.


A popular software developer's Company, HCL Technologies Ltd. is also Offers their employees a Rs. 4,83,296 / yr average, where the minimum and maximum wages are Rs. 2,45,184 and 8,65,197.

Wipro Technologies

On the other side, Wipro Technologies Ltd. offers its software engineers an average yearly wage of Rs. 4.66,667. Wage is between Rs. 2.42.292 and Rs. 4.62.690.

Mahindra Tech

As a software developer, you can earn Rs. 2.57.469 to Rs. 8.47.407 for the annual salary. The average wage paid annually is Rs. 4,50,703


Infosys is the leading Indian IT Major by providing their software engineers / developers the highest minimum wage of Rs. 3,13,602. The average annual wage is Rs. 7,66,754, which is an amount of Rs. 4,74,384.